Commercial Lobby Furniture Design Guide

Hotel lobbies have evolved from large, underutilized spaces to multifunctional areas. They now feature accessible individual workspaces with convenient tech and comfortable lounge areas furnished with durable, stylish materials. Commercial lobby furniture design in 2023 emphasizes the incorporation of local art, reflecting a shift towards more engaging and personalized guest experiences. 

Desks and Workspaces

In response to the rise of remote work, lobbies now feature areas for visitors to be productive. Modern desks and tables with comfortable chairs are arranged to offer alternatives to working in-room. These spaces are equipped with ample outlets and spacious tables to accommodate laptops. Additionally, incorporating one or two phone booth meeting pods allows for private phone calls or video meetings without overpowering the lobby’s ambiance.

Meeting Tables

Incorporating communal tables in the lobby can greatly enhance the space’s diversity. These tables come in a wide variety of styles and materials to match the lobby’s aesthetic, and they include several outlets for convenience. Adding reading lamps in the center of the table enables multiple people to share the space comfortably, making it ideal for larger groups meeting up in the lobby.

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Convenient Tech

Convenient technology is a crucial consideration in commercial lobby design. Place desks and tables near outlets for convenience, and add cordless charging pads to side tables by cozy chairs. This encourages relaxation even for visitors who forgot their charging cords. Lastly, ensure a strong and accessible wireless connection throughout the lobby to accommodate guests’ connectivity needs.

Comfortable Lounge Seating

Comfort is a top priority when selecting hotel lobby furniture, even as lobbies evolve into multi-use spaces. Visitors expect comfort whether they’re working, relaxing, or socializing. Choose plush lounge chairs, cozy loveseats, and sofas upholstered to match the interior decor. Durable materials like leather, microfiber blends, and velvet provide luxury, strength, and style, ensuring furniture withstands heavy use.

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Local Character 

Infusing your lobby with local flavor and culture can enhance the guest experience, especially in hotels with diverse visitors. Showcase your town or city’s uniqueness by incorporating local elements into the lobby design. Ideas include creating a gallery wall with local artists’ works, commissioning lobby furniture from community craftsmen, and offering locally made food and beverages. These touches not only add authenticity but also create memorable experiences for your guests.