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Custom Furniture Design & Build

Custom commercial furniture is our expertise. We extend our skills and services to business owners, contractors, architects, builders, and millwork/casework shops during the construction phase. The QA Group team excels in product design and development. We can swiftly transform clients’ concepts into reality through rapid prototyping and value engineering.

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Custom Booths & Banquettes

seating built to specs

Custom Commercial Furniture |

Furniture Manufacturing

match or complete renovation

Custom Seating

interior or exterior

Custom Commercial Furniture |

Upholstered Wall Panels

contemporary or classic

Millwork Contractors

Custom Commercial Furniture |
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QA Group is an expert at making custom commercial furniture created with a variety of upholstery options. We also offer upholstered panels only to fit within banquette frame built by our millwork contractor clients.

Custom Projects Are Our Forte

Our team at QA Group specializes in crafting custom commercial furniture through dedicated expertise in product design and development. With a focus on local sourcing and manufacturing, we swiftly transform your ideas into reality using rapid prototyping and value engineering.

QA Group can custom-build most all booth designs with proper plans, elevations, and callouts. Booth configurations will allow for efficient use of the space by strategically adding seats in untraditional spaces such as corners, alcoves, and small areas. Booths can be moved around and manipulated to allow for more aisle clearances and extra seating.

We work closely with our clients to design and deliver durable custom commercial furniture to last for years to come. Our dedicated account managers go over project needs, timeline, and budget, in detail offer product, material, and finish selections to support your vision.

Upholstered cushions can either be tightly upholstered and non-removable, or loose and removable. Tightly upholstered seats can have a boxed design with seaming at all edges or a waterfall design. Comfort, cost, and durability revolve around the support system for the seat itself.

Custom created commercial furniture, and upholstered panels build to client’s specifications offered to commercial customers of all sizes. From hotel commercial furniture to hospitals and assisted living buildings keeping safety, style, functionality, and ADA compliance in mind.

Signature Booth Designs


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JH CARR Custom Commercial Furniture

Custom commercial furniture built to your specifications

We specialize in crafting custom commercial furniture tailored to the unique specifications of each customer. Clients of QA Group can rely on meticulous attention to detail throughout our extensive range of services. With a legacy dating back to 1936, QA Group has established itself as an industry leader, known for collaborating with skilled and dedicated craftsmen.

custom commercial furniture


Custom Commercial Furniture

Commercial custom seating needs a balance of comfort, support and quality. This is especially valuable when working on custom millwork projects. Options begin with fabrics, but how the fabrics are applied and styled really sets the cushions apart.

Upholstered cushions offer an unmatched versatility to the design in millwork industries. The custom cushioned panels add comfort, texture, and design to any surface. Styling choices for upholstered cushions present many great options.

Our restaurant booth seating combinations are limitless. Standard designs come with booth back, headrest, seat options. Restaurant booths made with extreme attention to detail using the highest quality materials. JH Carr product line restaurant booth seating is unique, stylish, and comfortable with plenty of options.

Cushion panels can be upholstered tightly, either non-removable or removable. Tightly upholstered seats may feature a boxed design with seaming along all edges or a waterfall design. The comfort and cost are influenced by the support system for the seat.

We offer a wide variety of commercial bar stools, chairs and tables in all different styles using the highest quality materials. Classic backless leather upholstered pub stools and modern wood as well as metal chairs. Comfortable and stylish high quality seating options.