custom upholstery

Custom Upholstery

For a low maintenance upholstery fabric, one can depend on inside or out, vinyl is a great option. Just any fabric will not do for upholstering commercial furniture, bringing attention to technical characteristics of vinyl. The fabric must be strong enough to resist wear and tear of commercial upholstery. Vinyl fabric is known as one of the most flexible and frequently used materials. Designed to imitate leather, it has subtle or bold grain like texture. Produced in every color possible, famous for being called PVC, made of plastic top and woven backing with various finishes from opaque or matte.

Finest Selection

Vinyl fabrics are ideal for highly active environments and designed to withstand heavy traffic in public areas, such as restaurant booth seating. This durable high-use environment material type made for commercial spaces such as restaurants, waiting rooms and other commercial material needs. There is also a special requirement toward the use of commercial fabrics. For example, healthcare requires anti-microbial fabric when a hotel requires it to meet stringent non-flammability requirements.

custom upholstery

When choosing vinyl for an upholstery project the abrasion resistance is one of the most important technical characteristics. The abrasion resistance refers to the ability withstand surface wear from rubbing without starting to break. Most commercial grade upholstery fabrics for use in public spaces rate from 50,000 – 1,800,000+ double-rubs making vinyl perfect for high-traffic areas. Vinyl is a high-tech fabric and when cared for properly, vinyl upholstery can last for years.

custom upholstery

Cold crack and UV resistance are few other benefits of vinyl. Many varieties have a protective coating that shields them from the sun and renders them flame-retardant. Extended exposure to sunlight will fade vinyl much less than other fabrics. Certain vinyl made to withstand -60ºF exterior temperatures.  Suited for commercial furnishings in waiting rooms, theaters, stadiums, airport terminals and restaurants vinyl is dependable inside and/or outside.

Classic Collection:

The supple hand and texture of pebble grain leather with Resilience SR protection. Super high performance commercial grade-vinyl featuring 500,000 double rubs, California fire codes certifications.

Glaze Collection:

Features beautiful, smooth and semi glossy leather grain pattern. Excellent performance commercial grade vinyl with 100,000 double rubs. Phthalate free and Lead free. It is California TB 117 fire code certified.

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Jackson Collection:

Fire retardant and additive free, CAB 2998 and Prop 65 Compliant. Performance specifications 100,000+ double rubs abrasion, -10˚ cold crack and 200 hours UV resistance.

Olympus Collection:

Mildew and sulfide stain resistant as well as fire retardant and additive free. Performance specifications 1,800,000+ double rubs abrasion, -20˚ cold crack and 650 hours UV resistance.

Vinyl Upholstery Options

Vinyl is also fashionable to stay on brand and on trend. Improvements in textile manufacturing technology have enhanced vinyl fabric. Collection of commercial grade vinyl upholstery built for business, whatever the business is. In times where performance matters more than ever, a low maintenance, reliable fabric, vinyl has always offered durability and ease of care.

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