restaurant booths

When designing a restaurant, the layout of the dining area should be one of your main focuses.  The layout and type of seating used in a restaurant is important for several reasons. Maximizing the space and functionality of the establishment while also emphasizing comfort for the patrons. An excellent layout must accommodate as many diners as possible. While allowing enough room for servers to maneuver around with plates of food and drinks during a dinner rush. A stylish, cost-effective, and space-saving way to accomplish this in a restaurant is through commercial restaurant booths. What Is Booth Seating? Booths are made up of one or more banquettes to form a comfortable also intimate seating arrangement. Multiple banquette seats create a booth with a face-to-face, horseshoe, or U-configuration. Typically arranged back-to-back allowing for a maximum amount of seating in a restaurant setting.  Booths are perfect for families or parties of six or under…

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