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Upholstery Solutions

In every industry, the unique furniture and upholstery requirements play a pivotal role in shaping the overall ambiance of a space. QA Group, with decades of experience, is poised to meet diverse needs. We provide tailored custom booth and banquette seating solutions for hotels, restaurants, millwork components, and corporate interiors. We regularly collaborate with interior designers, contractors, millworkers, and builders to create exceptional custom seating for various applications.     Corporate Interior Design  In the corporate world, furniture plays a crucial role in promoting group dynamics, creativity, and personal focus. QA Group bridges the gap between design concepts and real furniture within office spaces. From reception areas with individual seating to collaborative workspaces, our custom upholstery solutions contribute to an aesthetically pleasing work environment.  When designing the reception area, it is essential to give visitors a sense of their own space. To maximize seating capacity, custom banquettes can be an excellent…

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