Popular Styles of Commercial Restaurant Tables

Choosing the right commercial restaurant furniture is crucial for your restaurant or bar’s interior. Beyond serving delicious food, you want to offer a memorable experience. Consider comfort, style, and functionality when selecting your tables.


Styles of Commercial Restaurant Tables:

  1. Two-Four Person Tables: Versatile and commonly used for dining arrangements, available in sizes ranging from 24 x 24 inches to 48 x 36 inches. Round tables with 24 to 26-inch diameters are also suitable for two to four diners.
  2. Bar Height Tables: Tall tables accompanied by bar stool seating, typically found in sports bars, pubs, or bar sections of restaurants. They feature square or round tabletops mounted on a 41-inch base, often with footrests.
  3. Booth Tables: Creating intimate and cozy dining areas, booths consist of banquette seating with upholstered backs, usually arranged in horseshoe or face-to-face configurations. Booth tables are often attached to the wall between seats for maximizing legroom and come in square or rectangular shapes.
  4. Family Dining Tables: Designed to accommodate larger groups of eight to 10 people, resembling traditional family dining setups, perfect for banquets, parties, or special dining areas.
  5. Patio or Bistro Tables: Also known as bistro tables, these are smaller, movable tables typically made of weather-resistant materials like wrought iron, aluminum, or plastic. They’re ideal for outdoor settings and can be easily arranged and stacked for storage.

Commercial Restaurant Table Materials:

Consider various factors such as durability, aesthetics, and maintenance:

  • Aluminum, Steel, and Polypropylene: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offering durability and easy maintenance.
  • Laminate: Cost-effective and customizable, resembling the look of wood or marble while being heat and scratch-resistant.
  • Solid Wood: Provides warmth and classic atmosphere, highly durable with a range of finish options for customization.

Styles of Commercial Restaurant Bases:

  1. Four-Prong Restaurant Bases: Offering stability at all four points, suitable for both square and round tabletops.
  2. Square Restaurant Bases: Providing structural support with a wide base plate, minimizing wobbling.
  3. Round Restaurant Bases: Ideal for round tabletops, commonly used for bar height tables.
  4. Cantilever Restaurant Bases: Perfect for booth seating, attaching the tabletop to the wall to maximize legroom.

Choosing the right combination of tables, materials, and bases enhances both the aesthetic appeal and practicality of your restaurant or bar interior.