Architectural Upholstery & Cushions

Architectural Upholstery & Cushions

At QA Group, we’re passionate about helping commercial businesses bring unique upholstery and refinishing visions to life, and we love partnering with fellow industry professionals who share that passion. That’s why we’re always eager to take on architectural upholstery projects.

What is architectural upholstery? These are projects on which our custom furniture expertise lends a hand to third-party construction companies as they complete an architect’s (or other contractor’s) building plans.

We’re proud to collaborate with business owners, contractors, architects, builders, millwork and casework shops, and other project team members to hand-select materials, execute design goals, and prepare commercial operations to best serve their customer base — all within a reasonable timeframe.

From custom built-ins to cushion sets, architectural upholstery projects are completed in our Seattle production facility before our delivery team safely installs the finished products at the client’s location.

Interested in learning more about our role in architectural upholstery? In search of an architectural upholstery specialist for your project? Contact us to discuss your goals today.

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