Flexima Marine Mattresses

Authorized Flexima Dealer

QA Group is proud to partner with Eco Marine Bedding as a certified and factory-trained distributor of its award-winning Flexima® Nautic mattress line.

Yachts and ships are especially challenging environments for furniture, as a high-moisture climate can breed mold growth and attract corrosives such as salty air.

Flexima® is the gold standard marine mattress, and our personal choice for yacht bedding applications, for many reasons:

  • Self-aerating ventilation system releases humid and warm air, replacing it with fresh air, eliminating bacteria, and maintaining a comfortable onboard sleeping climate.
  • Premium-quality cold foam core replaces traditional metal springs to adjust perfectly to your body shape and provide unbeatable sleeping comfort.
  • No slatted frame required.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Removable, quilted cover boosts comfort, protects mattress quality, and makes washing a breeze.
  • Available in three models (Standard, Comfort, and Premium) to achieve your desired height and firmness.
  • Custom-made in all shapes and sizes.
  • Flexible use: Enjoy Flexima at home, at sea, or on the road in your RV.

Additional features include:

    • High elasticity that promotes long-term durability and comfort
    • Seven-zone cut for varying levels of support (Comfort and Premium models)
    • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial TENCEL® covers wick away moisture
    • Air mesh eliminates condensation and mold between the mattress and base
    • Purpose-designed and built for the marine environment
    • 2-year full warranty followed by 8 year pro-rata warranty on spring system and foam

    Flexima® has been recognized with the following awards:

    • Innovation Award: Miami International Boat Show 2016 (USA)
    • Test Winner: “YACHT” Magazine 23/2012 (Germany)