Bar Stools

JH Carr provides top quality metal and wood restaurant bar stools in dozens of styles to match your dining establishment’s aesthetic. From modern industrial metal to classic wood and upholstered diner-style seating, we’ve got you covered.

Wooden bar stools bring a welcoming sense of home to your restaurant. Can’t go wrong with the classics! The variety of designs are suited for just about any type of dining establishment. Sturdy, reliable option.

Metal bar stools are durable and long-lasting, especially with their welded joints. They bring a more modern, industrial vibe to your restaurant. Metal great for both indoors and outdoors and can easily be wiped clean.

Many options are lightweight, so moving them around takes little effort. If there is a high turnover rate, metal bar stools will show less wear and tear than wooden ones.

Metal styles come in a lot of the same styles as wooden options. There are also designs that feature a combination of metal and wood elements.

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